4CWRC Webinar: "Understanding Transmission Planning"

The Four Corners Wind Resource Center invites you to join us on April 6 from 10:00 to 11:15 am mountain time for our upcoming webinar, "Connecting Renewable Energy Resources to Markets: Understanding Transmission Planning."

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Transmission infrastructure must be planned well in advance of actual need to allow time for system and reliability planning, land acquisition, permitting and construction.  Due to increased population density in the West, increased stakeholder engagement, and implementation of new policies requiring increased regional planning, the process of transmission planning is now more difficult than in the past. In response, planning processes are now more robust and lead times are longer.  The result is that future transmission lines, which will exist on the landscape for more than fifty years, are more fully vetted today than ever before. 

This webinar, the sixth in a series hosted by the Four Corners Wind Resource Center (4CWRC), will inform attendees about how transmission planning is conducted and how to participate by providing a look at three transmission planning processes. The webinar will also review new transmission segments being planned in the 4CWRC region.

Webinar Agenda:

Amanda Ormond, Representative, Four Corners Wind Resource Center and Interwest Energy Alliance

Westwide Energy Corridors
Georgeann Smale, Realty Specialist, Transmission/368 Corridors, U.S. Bureau of Land Management
Ms. Smale will discuss the U.S. Bureau of Land Management process for re-evaluation of corridors designated for electric and natural gas infrastructure on public lands in the West.

Renewable Energy Transmission Initiative 2.0
Brian Turner, ‎RETI 2.0 Project Director, California Natural Resources Agency
Mr. Turner will discuss the transmission, land use, and environmental implications of accessing high quality renewable energy resources in California and the West.

WestConnect Transmission Planning
Charlie Reinhold, Planning Manager, WestConnect
Mr. Reinhold will discuss projects planned by WestConnect member utilities and independent developers.

Q & A

For questions or more information contact Meghan Dutton: meghan@utahcleanenergy.org.

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April 06, 2016 at 10am - 11:15am
Meghan Dutton ·

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