Understanding the Functions and Benefits of Regional Electricity Markets

The majority of utilities in the U.S. participate in organizations that help plan and manage transmission operations and power flows, ensuring that power is available when and where it is needed.  These Independent System Operators or Regional Transmission Organizations improve the reliability of the transmission system and have been shown to lower the operating cost of the electric system.  

In the Western Interconnection, outside of California, 38 separate balancing authorities (typically utilities) operate independently. Evaluation is underway to determine if the benefits that will result from regional cooperation outweigh the costs and if this change are supported by states.

This one-hour webinar is a tutorial on the functions of and services provided in an “organized” regional electric market, benefits of cooperation and how an organized market can cost-effectively support wind and other renewables.  We will provide an overview of the two efforts underway to form regional markets in the west – the Western Regional System Operator and the Mountain West Transmission Group. Collectively, these two efforts could affect eight of the 11 states in the Western Interconnection. 

Webinar Agenda:


Sarah Propst, Executive Director, Interwest Energy Alliance

Understanding Regional Electricity Markets

Amanda Ormond, Managing Director, Western Grid Group

Ms. Ormond will provide an overview of the operations and services of regional energy markets as well as current development efforts. Ms. Ormand's slides are available here. View the presentation here

How Regional Markets Support Wind Energy and Other Renewables

Johnny Casana, Senior Regional Manager, Government & Regulatory Affairs, EDP Renewables

Mr. Casana will discuss how a regional market supports and lowers the costs of integrating renewable energy. Mr. Casana's slides are available here. View the presentation here

Q & A

View the Q&A section here


For questions or more information contact Utah Clean Energy: info@utahcleanenergy.org


Watch the entire webinar

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