State of the Wind Industry

This webinar, the first in a series, introduces the Four Corners Wind Resource Center and provides information on the current state of the wind industry and the latest in turbine technology. 

Topics include:

Introduction to the Four Corners Wind Resource Center

Sarah Wright, Executive Director of Utah Clean Energy provides a description of the center, its mission, the services it offers and partners and sponsors.  Ms. Wright's presentation is available here.

State of the Wind Industry: Highlights from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's Wind Technology Markets Report

This extensive report is an annual assessment of the costs, technology, industry and performance trends for wind, as well as market drivers, policy and future outlook for the industry. Ryan Wiser, Manager of the Electricity Markets and Policy Group at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and author of the report presents the key findings from the report. Dr. Wiser's Report Summary is available here.  Dr. Wiser's presentation is available here.

Characteristics of a Modern Wind Turbine

Modern wind turbines have sophisticated electronics that make them a valuable addition to the power grid.  Jason Cotrell, Senior Engineer and Manager of the Wind Turbine Technology Innovation Program at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory discusses turbine design for different wind regimes and turbine capabilities such as low voltage ride through and Automatic Generation Control.  Mr. Cotrell's presentation is available here.

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