Wind: A Good Citizen of the Electric Grid

What part will wind energy play in our electric future in the region? Will wind energy support a reliable, low cost electric system or does it require special considerations and add costs? Experience shows that wind energy is a good citizen of the grid in the Four Corners states and beyond, providing a wide range of services, but only if we recognize and enable those services.

In “Wind Energy: A Good Citizen of the Electric Grid,” the fifth webinar in a series hosted by the Four Corners Wind Resource Center, presenters discuss how wind energy from our region is a growing, increasingly important source of electricity in the Western energy market that helps keep electric costs low. We explore a future that contains great amounts of wind and look at how wind energy can provide services that are necessary to maintain a reliable electric grid. Best practices that allow for cost-effective integration of ever increasing amounts of wind energy are also reviewed.

Webinar Agenda:

Amanda Ormond, Representative, Interwest Energy Alliance and Four Corners Wind Resource Center

Capabilities and benefits of wind energy in the electric system
Mark Ahlstrom, Vice President of Renewable Energy Policy, NextEra Energy Resources, Wind Logics
Mr. Ahlstrom discusses the learning curve with wind energy and practices that make integrating wind easier and lower cost. Mr. Ahlstrom's slides are available here. View his presentation here.

Low Carbon Grid Study and wind’s place in a western regional electric system
Jim Caldwell, Lead Project Manager, Low Carbon Grid Study
Mr. Caldwell discusses how wind energy fits into the regional picture as analyzed in the California 2030 Low Carbon Grid Study. Mr. Caldwell's slides are available here. View his presentation here.

Q & A and wrap up

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