Building Utility Scale Wind- permitting and regulation for county decision-makers

This webinar covers lessons learned in the permitting of utility-scale wind projects and the development of ordinances and regulations for governing project development.  Learn from county experts and the policy analysts at the Four Corners Wind Resource Center.

Topics Include:

Introduction to the Four Corners Wind Resource Center

Amanda Ormond, a contractor with Interwest Energy Alliance, provides a description of the center, its mission, the services it offers, and our partners and sponsors. Ms. Ormond's presentation is available here.

Local benefits of utility-scale wind development

Scott Albrecht, County Administrator for Beaver County, Utah, discusses impacts of the First Wind development on the economy of this rural community. Mr. Albrecht's presentation is available here. The four minute video featured in this presentation may be viewed here.

Regulatory mechanisms for permitting wind at the county level 

Karin Wadsack, Project Director for Northern Arizona University, presents examples of different ways counties can regulate wind development. Ms. Wadsack's presentation is available here.

Experiences in permitting utility-scale wind 

John DeWitt, Land Use Director for Lincoln County, Colorado, discusses lessons learned from permitting 5 utility-scale wind projects. 

Q&A/Wrap up

The Utah and North Carolina model wind ordinances are available here.  Also, the NYSERDA guide on wind ordinance options is available here.


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